Charley Creek Inn, Wabash Indiana

We are dedicated to the revival and reopening of the Times Theater in Rochester, Indiana. Our mission is to inspire interest and participation in theater and other arts by providing diverse and engaging artistic experiences for all ages.

Time 5 Hours | Difficulty Fair | Take away:

When doing a virtual tour it's better to work after hours the staff was awesome and help me ou alot by avoiding the camera, well some atleast lol ... Overall it was a great experience. Thanks John for giving me a chance!


In my opinion

After I have taken all the photos I realize that is was a larger project than I have anticipated. At the time, lighting was defiantly an issue, but I was determined to get it done. It took me ten hours to take all the photos and then another two days to process them all together.

The previous owner did the building very badly and it was becoming an eyesore to the community which keeps the price of the building so low... Come to think of it, in a sense, it was a blessing in a disguise, or a blessing in a horrible outfit, or just a building with a lot and a lot and a lot of garbage... but I digress.

It’s a work in progress on a pocket string budget.


Time 4 hrs. | Staff - Friendly | Difficulty - Fair

I'm was really happy Louis and Alice thought of me when they wanted a real virtual tour of their fine establishment to be done and placed on google maps. The project was done right before opening hours. The staff was very kind to sa=tay out of view and allow me to work to avoid doing any retake. The lighting was perfect, the colors in each shots were brilliant, which magnifies the amazing experience while I was in there working.

After which, my family and I enjoyed an amazing dinner. The service was great, the food was awesome, and everything was done in a timely matter. Uncorked is one of my favorite place to eat in Rochester Indiana.


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